Raster to Vector Image Service

Raster to Vector Image Service

Search queries can help your company logo as your brand. If your logo is saved in a flat, dotted file format (such as jpg or png), it can be difficult to measure your logo for use in the ad. Notably, our on-demand raster to vector conversion service is nowhere to help you out! Above all, we are committed to providing high quality, low-cost graphics services available to everyone, no matter where they are.


Why should I choose our image conversion service?

The infinite decision

If you try to resell a normal image file, you will find problems quickly. Bitmaps exist with thousands of small dots. Your computer stores the location and color of each of these points. To make these images larger or smaller, the computer must change the number of points. Or, get rid of some; eliminate visual information forever. – or you must add new points maximizing the current points. This quickly creates visible pixels in your image.

The vector image files use a special file format to avoid this problem. Instead of representing images as groups of points, they use complex mathematical functions to represent their image as a series of infinite and smooth curves. Like the lines on which the algebra worked, these curves consist of an infinite number of points. This means that the size of the vector would change the image to infinity: it can be as big or small as you want, with perfect sincerity.

Not for everyone

The art of calligraphy and logos and some digital art are the most suitable for the conversion of vectors. In general, it is impossible to convert photos and images with complex color palettes. If you’re not sure, ask! Our staff will be happy to help you answer your questions about the services that best suit your project.

Update your brand

By converting your logo or image into a vector file, you can open a new world of possibilities. You can use it on shirts, mugs or other physical media, insert small versions in other graphics and use them as a scalable watermark in your company’s image. When you can make your photo of the size you want, the max attribute … unless you want more!

Conversion of hand

In CII, we put quality first. Our vector specialist carefully edits every detail in your image and places each curve manually, ensuring a perfect conversion. Our results are accurate for pixels. We are very sure that you will like the quality of our work and we will make the first two photos for free! After he has seen what we can do, he will make sure that he comes back for more and recommends us to all his friends who need it.

Use vector image and edit other images

We offer AI, SVG and as well as any type of file formats for our conversion projects. You can load them into the most photo editing software to use new vector files in your custom graphics. We are also glad to provide some high-quality PNG or JPG samples with the accuracy you choose!

Don’t wait!

CII provides affordable, high-quality image conversion services for all. Do not let your work or your drawings go to dust! Contact us today to start working on your vector project, allowing you to use art in new and exciting ways.

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