Color Correction Service

Color Correction Service

We make memories through experiences and create these memories later through images. Moreover, the images allow us to recover the memories we have experienced before. Sometimes, these images may not appear as expected due to inadequate camera handling or insufficient light. Besides, old photos may turn yellow and change color in time. So, we must restore these photos.

Best Clipping Service(BCS) offers the best service for experts in different sectors and ranges. Most importantly, cost-effective services can help you restore old photos and make them appear as new photos. Above all, we listen carefully to our clients. Finally, take the suggestions very seriously to achieve results as needed.


Our Color Correction Services

Our team of experts at Best Clipping Service(BCS) has the experience to provide the best photo editing services. In any case, the images may not appear similarly as expected and you must retouch the image. Outsource the services for the image, save time and cost compared to having an internal team of experts. On the other hand, some services we offer include:

  • Sharpness correction
  • Eliminate points and defects
  • Fix brightness / contrast
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Gloss / matte finish
  • Add profiles and shadows
  • Mix and edit HDR
  • Remove tattoos, scars as well as wrinkles
  • HDR mix and corrections
  • It also improves skin texture
  • Adjust the resolution balance of the tone
  • Digital thinning
  • Eliminate the red eye
  • Add bronzing effect in contrast
  • Black and white images for colorful images
  • Change the color of the eyes
  • Add person / object
  • Image brackets
  • Add funds
  • Correct perspective
  • Fix white balance
  • Correction of shadows
  • Add movement effect

The Importance of Color Correction in CII

At Best Clipping Service(BCS), we have seen how photographers tend to minimize the use of service while providing the final touches to a project. While correcting the image is a simple way to solve the problems, we believe that correction can weaves magic in your images. Firstly, our experts perform a basic correction through the whole image project as well as they send us. Also, these photos are to adjust the intensity of red, blue, green, black (tones) and gamma (mid-tones), etc.

While satisfying with the output, a chroma incrustation is made in the chroma inlay with the brightness, saturation. Lastly, we adjust total cyan, yellow, purple, blue and green. Even, we can also use masking techniques and multiple techniques to change the resolution of a particular section of the project.

The General Color Correction Process Consists of CII

  • Eliminates noise and eliminates photographic artifacts
  • Adjusts saturation, white balance, and adjustment in eggs/averages/ blacks
  • Add turns, gradients or other lens filters if necessary along with short essays
  • Tone grades for images for even more consistency
  • A final disc including size change and sharpness
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